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Mindful Profits helps you connect the dots and build a stronger business.

Phase 2. You're a few years in and money is coming in and going out, with little or nothing left over. You want to go beyond breaking even.

The US economy depends upon the more than 90% of businesses with zero to 100 employees. A small business doesn't need to have millions of clients or dollars in revenue to be successful. A game changing technology is not required for a business to triumph.

The key markers for success in most of these businesses are: satisfaction from providing a great product or service; enough income to cover all expenses, including salary and benefits for you and your employees; a return on investment; and ultimately, the ability to create an asset to retire on.

Our clients want to know, "How can I earn more from my business? How can I turn my business into an asset? Where should I spend my time and investment to make my business more profitable? What can I do this year to reach my goals?"

"How can I earn a reasonable income from my business?"

Clients work with us to establish achievable business and related goals, such as building an asset, improving earnings, and balancing work and life requirements.

We help create a strategy to achieve those goals. Together, we forecast sales, pricing, income, expenses and profitability. Setting goals, creating a plan to achieve them and tracking results keeps small business owners accountable to reaching their definition of success.

Mindful Profits helps small business owners set achievable goals and reach them intentionally. We work with entrepreneurs during 4 key phases of building a business.

Phase 1. The beginning: You have an IDEA!

Some ideas are great; others not so great. Investment firms and banks thoroughly vet a business plan to increase their odds of making a good return on their investment. Since you're the one who is going to invest so much of your time and money into this business idea, don't you want to know the odds of a healthy ROI?

Our clients want to know,

    "How many sales are needed for my business to be viable?"
    "Is the market big enough, given the competition, to be successful?"
    “How do I price products/services for both sales and profitability?”
    “When will my business break even?”
    “Will this business idea make enough money to cover my personal expenses and retirement?"
    “What will it take to meet our goals?”

We help them find out.

Phase 3. You have a strategy in place. You pass the break even marker, sales are coming in and you're making a healthy profit. Now what?

After a company has become profitable, it can suddenly take a turn for the worse. The owner is down in the weeds, working crazy hours, losing track of the strategy and reason why he/she started the business in the first place.

Instead of thinking, "Should I expand into new markets?" the owner wonders, "How do I slow down?"

"Where do we go from here?"

Small business owners need to review operations thoroughly to make sure they have the right skill sets, are focused on the right performance indicators and have a CEO looking past the day-to-day and out over the horizon!

Maybe it's time to hire a COO; find funding; buy a business; or in some way dramatically change your company to reach new goals.

We help update the vision and determine the financial, operational and strategic impacts of hiring; partnering; getting funded; or finding a new way forward.

Phase 4. That's it. Time to do something else!

"What does an exit look like?"

In many cases, even the most passionate business owners will eventually want to find the exit. We help them create exit strategies and establish a valuation for their company so they can transition out of their businesses profitability.


Build a Business Forecast with Mindful Profits, Starting at just $500.

Establish your financial goals and create a realistic forecast for how your small business will meet those goals, including sales, revenue, expenses and profit.

Forecasting is almost like looking into a crystal ball! You’ll be able to look ahead to see how your strategy and actions will improve the bottom line.

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The Mindful Profits team helps small businesses:

Evaluate business ideas

Break even, then earn more from their businesses

Build an asset

Find new profitable growth strategies

Ignite creativity and innovation

Establish profitable business goals

Understand and track their numbers - knowledge is power

Mindfully Manage Their Profitability


Don't Forget to Breathe!

Multi-national companies and the U.S. Marine Corps incorporate mindfulness into their day-to-day operations. Results include: greater productivity; reduced stress among employees; lower healthcare costs; and increased profits. Small businesses can achieve these same results.

Mindfulness is intentional and nonjudgmental focus. When we pay attention to something, using our full awareness and without jumping to conclusions, we boost our ability to think more effectively, while at the same time broadening our lens. And we remember to breathe.

Being Mindful means truly listening to what other people are saying, hearing your prospects, customers, and those who define your corporate culture.