The Prices Are Right!


A small business owner raised a concern that has plagued most of the small business owners who attended Mindful Profits workshops this year. She knew what she charged for her services were too low but hadn’t raised her prices for fear of losing clients. How do you raise prices without losing customers? Small business owners […]

Think Before Spending


Money doesn’t go far in small business. Should we spend more on marketing communications? Buy a new laptop; desktop; tablet; smartphone; or camera?  Upgrade our website; CRM; billing system; cloud storage; phone or Internet services? Hire a new sales, customer service, or finance person? Enhance employee benefits? Create new products? And so on. Each opportunity […]

Wrap Up the Holidays with Some Extra Income


While everyone may have already bought their holiday gifts by now, they’ve still got to wrap them! Along with no-question return policies and an army of customer service representatives, complimentary giftwrapping is another retail industry perk that is going extinct. Macy’s; JCPenney; Lord & Taylor; Target; and Kohl’s are just a few department stores that […]