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Team Playing: Business and Sports


Through wins and losses, make sure your team remains a team If you watched the top-ranked tennis players playing doubles at the Citi Open in Washington, DC, earlier this month, you may have noticed something wonderful. After every point, no matter if the player partners had just won or lost the point, the teammates would […]

Cool Biz: Escape Room Games


The thriving business of “live adventures:” Since the invention of the world’s first interactive video game Spacewar! in 1961, computers gradually – and then rampantly – began taking over our lives. Now we perfunctorily carry small computers with us everywhere. So the phenomenon of “escape room games” is actually pretty refreshing. An escape room game […]

Matchmaker: Small Banks, Small Biz


When big banks say, “No,” to loans, community banks may have different answers Banks just aren’t lending like they used to. As the consumer economy recovers, small business owners are asking for loans again so they can grow their businesses but big banks are failing to meet this demand. Just 1.4% of US banks are […]