Do It Yourself World of Entrepreneurs


How do you prioritize when you’re doing everything yourself? You’ve probably received a lot of promotional messages with a tag line sounding something like this: “Learn How To Launch An Effective, Do It Yourself Public Relations Campaign.” Another thing for you to do, all by yourself. Actually, you’re not alone: 78% of US businesses, or more than […]

Website Traffic = Sales?


Online marketing: Visibility is key Online marketing is a blessing and a curse to small business owners. Actually, it’s more like a mysterious genie that showed up one day promising to skyrocket your sales. While online marketing, which includes social media, is a more affordable marketing platform, it’s also hard to track and see results. […]

Improv in Business


Business is One Big Improv Act Being good at “business” isn’t one thing. Being good at running a business is the culmination of many different skills and characteristics, especially for small business owners who usually manage all aspects of their businesses themselves – at least in the beginning. The small business owner is a medley […]