Improv in Business


Business is One Big Improv Act Being good at “business” isn’t one thing. Being good at running a business is the culmination of many different skills and characteristics, especially for small business owners who usually manage all aspects of their businesses themselves – at least in the beginning. The small business owner is a medley […]

Watch & Learn


Observation skills in business Small business owners have to be go-getters who create sales opportunities and close deals. That’s how we build revenue! However, we can’t forget about the power of observation – the act of watching and learning – and its affect on sales and business development. Every business owner needs effective observation skills […]

The Secret to Launching New Products


Visibility is key According to consultant Jack Trout, US consumers purchase “the same 150 items, which constitutes as much as 85% of their household needs.”  This implies American consumers typically don’t stroll through stores wondering what to try today. If they did, launching new products would be vastly easier and customer loyalty statistics would be disastrous. […]