Where is Your Mind?


Be a mindful, not mindless, entrepreneur Have you ever settled onto the couch one evening, put on the TV and before you know it are scraping the bottom of a “family-sized” bag of chips? What happened to having just a few? You certainly didn’t intend to eat the whole bag. So how did 100 or […]

Swimming in Business Ideas


Our clients – overworked entrepreneurs trying to make a reasonable income while maintaining growth and profitability – are full of business ideas. They come up with new products and services, new markets and new strategies monthly, weekly and, sometimes, daily. They also seek opportunities for brainstorming ideas with mentors and peer groups. Their energy is […]

Start the New Year Mindfully


By Cynthia Flanders, Manage Fearlessly There’s a reason companies like General Mills, Goldman Sachs and Google have incorporated a mindfulness practice into their workplace. According to a Towers & Watson study, “almost six out of 10 (57%) of employees who claimed to be experiencing high stress levels also reported that they felt disengaged.” High levels of stress not only result in […]