Small Business Lessons From Top French Chefs


Small business lessons were everywhere during a recent culinary tour of Paris and environs – as common, in fact, as butter, eggs and truffles! Despite a flagging economy, it’s hard to get a reservation at restaurants in France with Michelin Stars and hefty price tags. Taking notes, between delicious bites, I uncovered 8 great ways to […]

A Dog’s Lesson On Cold Calling


Some thoughts from Mindful Profits founder Amanda Weathersby: I love my dog. She is beautiful, smart, loyal, well-behaved, funny, a good dancer, and concerned for my well-being. In fact, she is the most wonderful dog in the world. What do dogs have to do with cold calling, you ask? I’m getting to that. When I […]

4 Obstacles to Great Customer Service


Small businesses cannot underestimate the power of customer service. A small business’ main source of new customers and, more importantly, recurring customers is referrals. While customer service may cost more, it has a positive impact on the profit margin of small companies. 77% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about […]