Where is Your Mind?


Be a mindful, not mindless, entrepreneur Have you ever settled onto the couch one evening, put on the TV and before you know it are scraping the bottom of a “family-sized” bag of chips? What happened to having just a few? You certainly didn’t intend to eat the whole bag. So how did 100 or […]

Think Before Spending


Money doesn’t go far in small business. Should we spend more on marketing communications? Buy a new laptop; desktop; tablet; smartphone; or camera?  Upgrade our website; CRM; billing system; cloud storage; phone or Internet services? Hire a new sales, customer service, or finance person? Enhance employee benefits? Create new products? And so on. Each opportunity […]

Wrap Up the Holidays with Some Extra Income


While everyone may have already bought their holiday gifts by now, they’ve still got to wrap them! Along with no-question return policies and an army of customer service representatives, complimentary giftwrapping is another retail industry perk that is going extinct. Macy’s; JCPenney; Lord & Taylor; Target; and Kohl’s are just a few department stores that […]