Small Business Lessons From Top French Chefs


Small business lessons were everywhere during a recent culinary tour of Paris and environs – as common, in fact, as butter, eggs and truffles! Despite a flagging economy, it’s hard to get a reservation at restaurants in France with Michelin Stars and hefty price tags. Taking notes, between delicious bites, I uncovered 8 great ways to […]

Set a Goal Then Stop Obsessing About It


Focus on the process, not the end result. This might sound familiar: You set a goal. Let’s say, you set a goal to lose 10 pounds in three weeks. You start getting excited and pumping yourself up. I’m going to do this! 10 pounds, three weeks, let’s go! A week later, you feel exhausted and discouraged. […]

What Investors Want: Local or Big Chain Biz


“Buy Local” is a draw for customers but do investors see it the same way? BY SOPHIE PETIT, Mindful Profits Program Manager My brother opened a frozen yogurt business three years ago in Severna Park and now has a second location in Arnold. He started this business with a limited-year plan to franchise then privately […]