Amanda Weathersby

Amanda Weathersby

Amanda Weathersby is a serial entrepreneur who has sold one business to a publicly traded company and one to her partners. She has worked as a business consultant for multinational companies, for startups and for small businesses. She has taught entrepreneurship classes for ten years. Before starting her first business, she was the Vice President of Product Management and Product Development for Sprint.

More About Amanda

The Weathersby Group (TWG) was Amanda’s first venture, created in 1990. The company provided consulting and staffing to high tech businesses in Washington, DC, Boston and New York. It grew to $15 million in revenue by 2000, when the company was sold to a publicly traded company.

Amanda and two partners founded McKinley Marketing Partners, an interim marketing management business, and she later sold her shares to her partners.

Amanda has participated in a variety of nonprofit programs. For five years, she has created the course content, developed an online support network and taught classes on entrepreneurship for the 100 Entrepreneurs Foundation. Their mission is to provide business information, insight and inspiration to wounded veterans and their families and caregivers.

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