Why Mindful?

Improving concentration and focus increases profitability!

Mindfulness is intentional and nonjudgmental focus. When we pay attention to something, using our full awareness and without jumping to conclusions, we boost our ability to think more effectively, while at the same time broadening our lens.

This type of thinking allows us to make clearer decisions more quickly, manage our stress levels and prioritize our activities.

Our consultants and coaches are entrepreneurs themselves. They understand how precious – and stretched thin – your time is.

A Distracted Cycle

Studies show that about 47 percent of the time we spend awake, our mind is wandering.

That means our mind is focused on the task at hand
for just 53 percent of our waking time.

Imagine if you could improve that percentage to 60 or 70 percent? What about 80 percent?
Imagine how productively and efficiently you would spend your time.

Google; General Mills; Green Mountain Coffee; Goldman Sachs; and the U.S. Marine Corps incorporate mindfulness into their day-to-day operations. The result? Greater productivity; reduced stress among employees; lower healthcare costs; and increased profits, to name a few. Small businesses can achieve these same results.

That’s why Mindful Profits workshops incorporate stress-reduction and mindfulness exercises.

Participants come away with a basic understanding of how mindfulness can be used as another tool to help build stronger businesses and a few quick and simple mindfulness exercises they can practice anywhere.

Establish Goals. Track Results. And don't forget to breathe.