What Business Owners Are Saying...

Robyn Jackson

"Mindful Profits has been a boon to our business. Not only do they continue to provide very practical help and advice on how to position our business for growth, they have helped us understand our key economic indicators, helped us recognize great new lines of business, and showed us how to leverage our assets to reach some of our strategic goals.

We rely on them for their experienced business perspective to help us recognize challenges and turn them into opportunities that we may have missed otherwise."

President, Mindsteps, Inc.

Debbie Brodsky

"Amanda and her team really know their stuff. To walk away with a plan and projection of numbers I need to follow to reach my goals - by the numbers - is invaluable. I highly recommend them!"

Owner, DMB Pictures

Bob Nilsson

"Amanda Weathersby and her group are creative, innovative, and forward thinking in advising and implementing how to move your business from here to that next goal using the latest in communications and technology skills.

They work outside the box and are constantly looking for new ways to solve or avoid your problems. I would recommend them very highly because they bring creativity to business solutions. Great group to work with!"

President, 100 Entrepreneurs Foundation

John R., PhD

"The Mindful Profits workshop was a wonderful combination of breath and depth. The presenters showed a remarkable talent of quickly adapting their presentations and discussion to the variety of new business ideas presented by the attendees. Yes, “business is business,” but their discussion focused very well. The depth of information provided to each attendee was also significant. The details of setting up an enterprise, generating a business plan, and making key financial decisions early were just what I was looking for. Many thanks to Mindful Profits for providing this educational and enjoyable workshop."

Nicole Skuba

"As the owner of a marketing agency, I feel like I'm supposed to know all things business. Wrong! Mindful Profits helped to fill in all those gaps that were preventing my agency from truly becoming a profitable venture. Through well-paced, informative workshops, I've learned to understand, track, and project my expenses and revenue at an expert level. My staff will thank Mindful Profits!"

Owner, BlueTreeDigital

Merrilee Harrigan

"This workshop was a tremendous boost to my business initiative — it helped me, first of all, to set goals, and then provided tools to determine whether I can achieve my goals, which I can update as I move forward. Working with a small group of other entrepreneurs was also perfect, as I learned from their questions and processes, and was in some ways more useful than even a one-on-one session. I know what I have to do to move forward, and even now one day later i have acted on some of the recommendations I received. I would recommend this to anyone considering starting a business, or already in the process."

Owner, Joy of Glass Shop

Pleasance Silicki

"I always learn so much when I work with Amanda Weathersby. Mindful Profits is a powerful way to understand the financial health of your business. Bringing mindfulness into a business planning is wonderful and holistic way to look at how we integrate our lives and our work. I am so grateful to have the Mindful Profits team as my support team."

Owner, Lil Omm Yoga

Chanel Jackson - Veteran and Entrepreneur

"I was very nervous about the financial aspect of starting my business. This workshop has put my mind at ease. I now have direction and knowledge to make profitable decisions. The staff is very knowledgable and personable."

Event Planner - Always Inspire, LLC

Mallory Corlette

"Mindful Profits is an incredible workshop that forced me to look at my business and how I am pricing my services. You can walk in knowing nothing about forecasting and modeling and walk out ready to make the important choices."

Owner, Office Accomplice

Heather Cox

"Well-paced and amazing ‘model’ to forecast and track both sales/revenue and expenses. For once I think I will actually work in Excel without being terrified! This was a great investment that will serve me for many years."

Owner, Tiny Little Web Shop

J. N. - Veteran and Entrepreneur

"Thank you for taking the time to offer a session on financial planning and profitability free to veterans. Anything that makes us more educated and better prepared for the business world really pays in dividends for all!"

Maryland Wines Club

Laurie Gonyea

"The team presented a well-organized program that demystified the whole concept of financial projections. I can now say I know how to do it and their model is awesome!"

Owner, Feel Good Yarn Company

Monique Baskin - Veteran and Entrepreneur

"I think the most beneficial was being able to look at and analyze my pricing from a different perspective and determine that I need to increase my individual coaching price. In addiction, it helped to know and understand how to make my business into an asset and also understand how to set my salary and take it."

Health and Wellness Coach, Breakthrough Health

Dana Taylor

"The Mindful Profits program was better than any business-planning workshop that I have attended during my four years as a business owner. The focus on hard-core numbers and metrics outlined a powerful framework for planning for the year ahead."

Owner, Intelligent Ethos

Cooky Bysura

"I love how Amanda realizes that entrepreneurship isn’t just about numbers and dollars. There is a real connectedness to how the mind and body work in how we approach our business, and incorporates useful techniques and exercises to merge the two."

Owner, CN Designs, LLC

Mara Hurwitt - Veteran and Entrepreneur

"This workshop has really helped me examine a new business idea to determine the feasibility of building a successful business. The Mindful Profits coaches are great at getting you to focus on the key numbers and variables."

Owner, PetravelR.com

Laura Gross

"When I was deciding to start a business, I attended a Mindful Profits workshop. The workshop was very helpful and I left with actual estimates and worksheets to determine if I should move forward."

Demond Moy

"Amanda has been so valuable to Achieve Tutoring’s growth and success. She has helped in so many ways, but the most meaningful thing is that she keeps me thinking like a CEO.

It’s easy to get focused on the daily operations of my company, but who is responsible for making sure that the organization exists for the next several years? Of course me, the entrepreneur! She keeps me focused on being the visionary leader who ensures that Achieve has a future and can continue to make an impact in education."

Owner, Achieve Tutoring, LLC


"Excellent, excellent, excellent! Was very helpful to focus, define and identify potential business success."

Owner, Jam + Go Bags LLC