Business Idea: ‘Party Helper’


The new face of event planning: It’s what Millenials want! When you’re hosting an event, whether it’s a baby shower, a birthday party or having a few friends over for a barbeque, it can be stressful. Often you feel like you weren’t even there. After all, running around making sure drinks are full, food is […]

Matchmaker: Small Banks, Small Biz


When big banks say, “No,” to loans, community banks may have different answers Banks just aren’t lending like they used to. As the consumer economy recovers, small business owners are asking for loans again so they can grow their businesses but big banks are failing to meet this demand. Just 1.4% of US banks are […]

Memorial Day Mindfulness


Have fun this holiday but also remind yourself what Memorial Day really means It depends on whom you ask, but for many Americans, Memorial Day has become a much-anticipated long weekend when they can relax, eat hotdogs and go to the beach. According to Google, the top search queries on Memorial Day last year were […]