Story of Successful Lighting Entrepreneur

Light of an Entrepreneur’s Life


An electrician’s journey to entrepreneurism In a small town in Northern California, there is a man who was an electrician for many years, working with a large electrical contractor. With one question, a a friend of a friend changed all that. “M., can you fix my grandmother’s chandelier?” He hadn’t worked on an antique lighting fixture before […]

Set a Goal Then Stop Obsessing About It


Focus on the process, not the end result. This might sound familiar: You set a goal. Let’s say, you set a goal to lose 10 pounds in three weeks. You start getting excited and pumping yourself up. I’m going to do this! 10 pounds, three weeks, let’s go! A week later, you feel exhausted and discouraged. […]

Fear and the Entrepreneur


Becoming an entrepreneur is scary. How do you overcome fear of the unknown? We’ll tell you. When the first modern railway opened in 1830, people were afraid to ride the mysterious public transit system, thinking it would be impossible to breathe or their body parts would be damaged traveling at such astonishing speeds – up to […]