Fear and the Entrepreneur

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Becoming an entrepreneur is scary. How do you overcome fear of the unknown? We’ll tell you. When the first modern railway opened in 1830, people were afraid to ride the mysterious public transit system, thinking it would be impossible to breathe or their body parts would be damaged traveling at such astonishing speeds – up to […]

Do It Yourself World of Entrepreneurs

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How do you prioritize when you’re doing everything yourself? You’ve probably received a lot of promotional messages with a tag line sounding something like this: “Learn How To Launch An Effective, Do It Yourself Public Relations Campaign.” Another thing for you to do, all by yourself. Actually, you’re not alone: 78% of US businesses, or more than […]

Website Traffic = Sales?

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Online marketing: Visibility is key Online marketing is a blessing and a curse to small business owners. Actually, it’s more like a mysterious genie that showed up one day promising to skyrocket your sales. While online marketing, which includes social media, is a more affordable marketing platform, it’s also hard to track and see results. […]

Where is Your Mind?

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Be a mindful, not mindless, entrepreneur Have you ever settled onto the couch one evening, put on the TV and before you know it are scraping the bottom of a “family-sized” bag of chips? What happened to having just a few? You certainly didn’t intend to eat the whole bag. So how did 100 or […]

The Pricing Problem: Aspiration v. Cost Reality

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Pricing Right From working with all kinds of entrepreneurs (aspiring and established), we’ve noticed pricing is a common struggle. Most small business owners underprice their products/services. Often it seems the aspiration of small business owners isn’t to make money but is to share their products and services to better people’s lives. And there’s nothing wrong […]