Small Business Lessons From Top French Chefs


Small business lessons were everywhere during a recent culinary tour of Paris and environs – as common, in fact, as butter, eggs and truffles! Despite a flagging economy, it’s hard to get a reservation at restaurants in France with Michelin Stars and hefty price tags. Taking notes, between delicious bites, I uncovered 8 great ways to […]

Business Plan Evolution


Always have a plan – even when it changes, all the time. Business plans take research, analysis, and, quite frankly, a great deal of work.  When you finish one, it seems as solid as stone. But as soon as the laptop’s proverbial ink is dry on the business plan, things begin to change. Gas prices […]

Social Media & the Middle Class


Can social media help rebuild the middle class? When people are together in a social context, many are on their smart phones socializing with someone who isn’t actually there. This, many believe, is the downside of social media. On the other hand, in the US, the middle class has been declining since the 1970’s due […]