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About Mindful Profits

Amanda Weathersby, Mindful Profits CEO, has been an entrepreneur since she launched her first business in 1990, grew it to $15 million and sold it to a publicly traded company. She sold another business to her business partners. For more than 20 years, she has provided consulting, and coaching to businesses, from small ventures to multinational companies. Mindful Profits has refocused our services towards small businesses in the past 10 years.

Mindful Profits Workshops

Our workshops are designed to help entrepreneurs reach profitability goals affordably. Business owners can schedule workshops for a small group of entrepreneur cohorts or for their key staff.

Our workshops cater to entrepreneurs at all levels of business development, from those with startups to those who are a few years in who wish to make a reasonable income and build a business asset. If you’re interested in participating or conducting a workshop for your key employees, contact us!

Profitability Innovation Retreat

Our retreats are created for business owners and their key employees to help them find creative solutions to their profitability obstacles. Participants overcome business obstacles in a creative and productive atmosphere. Contact us to create a retreat for your team!


About the Team

Meet the team behind Mindful Profits
  • “The combination of mindfulness and business was refreshing. I need mindfulness whenever I look at spreadsheets! The workshop leaders were the real deal. Business experts and I believe the also genuinely care about my success! Thank you!”
    Heather Cox
    Tiny Little Web Shop
  • “The framework provided and insights gained today at the Profitable Idea workshop will be invaluable for continued use in my coaching/consulting practice. Comprehensive information structured in an easy-to-understand format that I can put to use for ongoing strategic planning.”
    Heather Nunley
    Brilliance Work
  • “The Mindful Profits program was better than any business planning workshop that I have attended during my four years as a business owner. The focus on hard core numbers and metrics outlined a powerful framework for planning for the year ahead.”
    Dana Taylor
    Intelligent Ethos
  • “I love how Amanda realizes that entrepreneurship isn’t just about numbers and dollars. There is a real connectedness to how the mind and body work in how we approach our business, and incorporates useful techniques and exercises to merge the two.”
    Cooky Bysura
    CN Designs, LLC
  • “The Profitable Idea was an eye-opening workshop. The team’s ability to breakdown profit vs. income was clearly explained. The worksheets they provide here helped me think through the details of how to make sure my business is growing the way I want it to. I can’t wait to sign up for my next Mindful Profits workshop.
    Mallory Corlette
    Office Accomplice
  • I attended Amanda's Profitable Idea Workshop early in putting together my business and have consulted with her regularly along my path.  She helped me evolve from a nervous non-profit-minded newbie to a serious businesswoman, figuring out what is important and what I can skip.  She always worked with where I am and what I want, never just a standardized formula.  Amanda equipped and empowered me to become what I wanted to be  -- a small, satisfying and profitable business.