A February Idea.


The February lull began on Super Bowl Sunday, when thousands of Nashville restaurants closed.  No one eats out.  No phones ring.  No prospects.  No orders.  No place to eat, except a casual dining chain where we discovered Coca Cola Cake.  (All was not lost!)

The February lull hits most small businesses.  So don’t panic about the stillness of the phone.  Turn a lull into an opportunity.  Here’s a February idea.

This is a perfect time of year to spruce up your prospect database.  Why is this important?  An artist client of mine broke even by the 3rd year.  When she started out, she had about 30 prospects.  Today she has nearly 1,000.  This growth was intentional.  She planned to increase her number of prospects every month by a certain percentage.    Then she tracked her progress, to ensure she met her goal.  It doesn’t matter if your prospect database is online, in Excel or in a notebook.  What matters is that you intentionally grow the number of people in it – every month.  Your company’s sales over time are directly related to the number of prospects you have.  Why not revamp your database and set your goals during the February lull?

Let us know if you or a small business owner you know needs help!

All the best for your success,

Amanda Weathersby