Do It Yourself World of Entrepreneurs


How do you prioritize when you’re doing everything yourself? You’ve probably received a lot of promotional messages with a tag line sounding something like this: “Learn How To Launch An Effective, Do It Yourself Public Relations Campaign.” Another thing for you to do, all by yourself. Actually, you’re not alone: 78% of US businesses, or more than […]

Memorial Day Mindfulness


Have fun this holiday but also remind yourself what Memorial Day really means It depends on whom you ask, but for many Americans, Memorial Day has become a much-anticipated long weekend when they can relax, eat hotdogs and go to the beach. According to Google, the top search queries on Memorial Day last year were […]

What Investors Want: Local or Big Chain Biz


“Buy Local” is a draw for customers but do investors see it the same way? BY SOPHIE PETIT, Mindful Profits Program Manager My brother opened a frozen yogurt business three years ago in Severna Park and now has a second location in Arnold. He started this business with a limited-year plan to franchise then privately […]