Mobile Payments: Pros & Cons


Is it best to take your payments mobile? Last week we talked about the cost of traditional Point of Sale systems and how to get the best merchant processor rates. This week, let’s look at POS versus the plethora of innovative mobile payment systems available to storefront businesses today. To keep it simple, let’s focus […]

A Dog’s Lesson On Cold Calling


Some thoughts from Mindful Profits founder Amanda Weathersby: I love my dog. She is beautiful, smart, loyal, well-behaved, funny, a good dancer, and concerned for my well-being. In fact, she is the most wonderful dog in the world. What do dogs have to do with cold calling, you ask? I’m getting to that. When I […]

Paying Too Much for Card Processing?


How to stop overpaying Selecting a merchant processor is something small business owners should be particularly careful about. Many companies that sell products or services to other companies, from office equipment to security systems, don’t always offer set-in-stone prices. These types of sales often involve negotiating and it’s difficult to gauge what price you should pay. […]