Hiring for Life: Employee Retention


U.S. unemployment hit its lowest rate in six years, down to 5.6% after 252,000 jobs were added in December. (In comparison, the unemployment rate hit 9.9% in December 2010, the highest since 1982.) A growing workforce and strengthening economy is fantastic news but also presents employers with the challenge of retaining employees. During a time […]

Lessons Learned: Biz to Biz Venture


Office Accomplice is an outsourced office and project management, bookkeeping and accounting service that frees business owners to focus on the big picture for their company. Hear about how Mallory Corlette started her business-to-business venture and how she manages the big picture of her own company. About Mindful Profits Mindful Profits offers consulting and coaching to entrepreneurs […]

Lessons Learned: One of a Kind Yarn Producer


Hear about how Laurie Gonyea, owner of Feel Good Yarn Co. and creator of SilverSpun, became America’s first and only producer of cotton yarn spun with pure silver. The result is a beautiful, warm, therapeutic and conductive yarn that allows wearers to use their cell phones. Laurie talks about the growth of her small business […]