Mindfully Thankful, Thankfully Mindful


Soon it will be Thanksgiving. The computer will be turned off.  The phone will go missing, shoved into some pocket or other, the sound turned off.  No calls from any tablet or mobile device. Our minds, instead, turn to Brussels sprouts; pumpkins; turkeys; and food preparation for a horde of thanks givers. They will arrive early, […]

Adventures In Customer Service


Big companies do it.  Small companies do it.  But most companies don’t do it: Make customer service a strategic advantage. LL Bean does back flips to make sure orders are delivered on time, even when their contractors do not.  Amazon takes returns, within a certain time frame, no questions asked, and processes refunds when promised. Most […]

A Penny Wise, A Latte Foolish?


Pinching pennies?  Many of us are. Ever heard the slam on penny pinchers who spend money on cups of coffee each day?  One of the five money-saving myths is, “Take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves.” Instead, go all out on the $400 espresso machine instead of spending $1,300 a year in lattes. […]